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Skylight Autohub Philippines Inc. set to an industry leader in the automotive business, both locally and globally. We boast the following fundamental pillars; superior customer service, innovative car solutions and providing complete car care and accessories via a great network of international products that are hand-picked with the customers need as top priority.


Skylight Autohub prides itself having the profound business knowledge of Philippines from the founder Mr. Michael Quah. The team travels globally in search of the most desirable products to provide our esteem customers the ultimate driving experience.



Achieve customer Satisfaction, Excellence toward Stylish designs, Quality of product with Safety.



To be the leading automotive industry in the Headlight Market with professionalism, passion and pride.


To introduce the company into the Philippines, Skylight Autohub launched an exclusive range of automotive lamps that extrude immaculate style, built to the highest level of quality and improve the safety and utility of vehicles. The automotive lamps form the core of Skylight Autohub’s expression to guide the industry and also to be the market leader in automotive lamps. In tandem, Skylight Autohub will also be a central hub for our esteem customers to access globally manufactured automotive products to meet their driving needs.


As of July 2014, the Philippines with a population of more than 100 million, is a member of the ASEAN group of 10 economies, which include Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam. The combined population of the ASEAN countries estimated at 600 million is looked upon as large single market with an expanding consumer potential as income increases further. With the coming ASEAN integration by end 2015, this makes ASEAN an attractive location for foreign investors and the Philippines is primed to take advantage of the free-trade environment.

Expected labor force growth 2010-'20 (In Percentage)

2010 labor force, ages 15-64 (In Million)


The economy of the Philippines expanded by 6.1% in 2014, fueled by sustained increases in private consumption, higher fixed investment, and recovery in exports. Private consumption generated more than 60% of the growth in gross domestic product last year. Consumer spending grew by 5.4%, benefitting from a 2.8% rise in employment, modest inflation, and higher remittances from overseas Filipinos, which reached $27.0 billion.


Motor vehicle sales in 2014 grew 30 percent marking another banner year as sales climbed to 250,000 units. For 2015, the CAMPI-TMA group expects to reach greater heights as it targets to sell 272,000 or an additional volume of 37,000 units for a total projected growth rate of at least 16 percent.

For the third straight year, the Philippine automotive industry continues to break first quarter record with sales reaching 62,882 units, surpassing for the first time 60,000 unit marks. These record sales represent a 22 percent increase over the 2014 first quarter record of 51,722 units. Based on the report of the Chamber of Automobile Manufacturers of the Philippines, Inc. (CAMPI), last month’s sale of 23,557 units contributed to the strong quarter performance of the industry.